Saturday, January 23, 2010

Night Writing

I am a night writer. Even when I wrote for a living, I would wake up in the middle of the night, find some little piece of paper, and jot down a story lede (that’s jargon for the first sentence of an article, just in case you are not familiar with the term). When I’d get to the office the next day tired from my mid-night awakening I’d be well on the way to meeting my deadline, that often-intimidating first line complete.

One particular middle-of-the-night, March 15, 2006, I woke up, turned on the computer, and started writing a cookbook. I quietly (so not to wake up my husband or two small children) gathered all of my handwritten recipes and my home-compiled coo
kbook. I wrote my introduction and made a list of recipes to include. And I saved the file, naming it: “Mange, Fille” (the French version of "Mangia, Figlie" but that's a different long story).

Almost four years later, the file from that night has survived, two computers later. Sure, I’ve thought about writing and publishing the cookbook ... several times, in fact. But what if it took? Actually being successful would mean time away from my already established freelance copyediting business ... and more importantly, away from my family.

Times have changed. Technology is “in.” And so today, I give up my published cookbook idea for an even better one ... a blog where I can share my stories and my recipes without fear of success. It feels good.

I loudly shout a “thank you” a mile across the cornfield to my friend, Beth, who started her blog, “Dirty Laundry,” about a year ago. She’s my inspiration and the person who looked at my initial writings and said, “I would love to read this blog! Get going, now!” She tells funny and heartwarming stories about family life in small-town Pennsylvania, and you need to read what she writes. There’s a link on the right side of this page to her blog.

How often will I write? Who can tell the future. Right now I have 34 recipes on that list from four years ago. Will more come along in the meantime? I would expect so. My vow to you, my reader, is to include at least one recipe in each post and to rightfully give credit for recipes where credit is due. So to end this first installment, I offer a recipe for “White Chocolate Popcorn” that was given to me by a Longaberger friend from years-gone-by.

Though not Italian, as most of my recipes will be, it is simple ... and yummy.

Next post: my cookbook intro and a recipe for ... oh, I don’t even know yet. Until then ... mangia, figlie... (I’ll explain that next time!)

White Chocolate Popcorn on Foodista


Beth said...

What a great start, Maria! I can't wait to try making your first recipe and to keep on reading your blog!

Tess Wittler said...

You inspire me, Maria! I look forward to reading more of your posts, and on my next diabetic "free" day, I'll have to try out your White Chocolate Popcorn. Sounds grand!

Lori said...

Always love your white popcorn, now I guess I'll have to make it myself - haha.
Maria, you are fantastic! I love your writing and can't wait to read more. You really do need to publish a book someday, but in the meantime keep this up. Even if we don't talk everyday I'll be able to 'catch-up' through your blog.