Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Recipe, Just A Little Blog Tangent

As you can imagine, my whole life as I’ve traveled, eating out has been at least half the fun of every single destination for me. I love food. I have always loved food, and as I age, I appreciate its tastes and textures more and more every year.

Now you might expect my palate to be a bit snobby, always seeking the best seafood and cheeses and wines … but in fact, my favorite “road food” — if I may steal a term from Alton Brown — is cole slaw. Not that I’ve liked every dish of cole slaw ever served to me, but I love to try the many variations out there.

Is the cabbage chopped or shredded? Are carrots part of the recipe? Are they grated or finely chopped? Is the base more mayonnaise or vinegar? Is there celery seed? And what other ingredients are thrown in?

Many years ago — more than a decade, I’m sure — I considered starting a cole slaw journal and one day writing a book comparing my findings. And the final chapter would divulge the very best cole slaw I ever ate.

I obviously decided against that idea — I mean, who would be the audience for that book? But I do continue to taste-test cole slaw wherever I go. My favorite recipe would be made with shredded cabbage, a bit of grated carrot, a light mayo base with just a touch of vinegar, and definitely celery seed. To paraphrase — is it  T.O.? — I love me some celery seed!

What may be most humorous here, though, is that I never — NEVER! — make my own slaw. My mother-in-law was almost famous for hers, laden with mayo and vinegar, but I generally don’t eat slaw … except when I’m on the road. Then it becomes my side-of-choice … my missione. What’s yours?


Missy H said...

Mmmm-I love a nice creamy slaw...

Anne Chamberlain said...

Hard for me to eat cole slaw on the road because it is never as good as my own cole slaw recipe, which I actually got from Susan Marantz. It was so long ago that I can't even remember if I have her name spelled correctly. Just hand shredded cabbage, grated carrots, green onions, Hellman's Mayo, salt, fresh ground black pepper. MMMMM, Maria, you should try it at home!

Maria M. Boyer said...

Sounds perfect, Anne. I will definitely try it. You are one of the best cooks I know, and I learned early on to trust any recipe you pass on! xo

Wendy said...

I am sitting here smiling, because this post is sooo Tony! I am not a cole slaw girl, but Tony is just like you and compares and has preferences! If a restaurant has it on the menu he orders it and then we all listen to his review! His favorite cole slaw (shredded) with smoked bacon and apples (I even like it)!!

RMontesano said...

And there is a subject that could fill a whole blog spot... Cole Slaw at KFC... is it real???

Anyway... ask you PA Dutch neighbors about Pepper Slaw!!!

Ciao, R