Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alla Fine

Last week, when I looked at what recipes I wanted to tackle here at Mangia, Figlie, I crossed the last one off the list. That’s right, my friends, my cook-blog is complete. As I’ve pondered this day out loud with close friends, they’ve been kind enough to suggest I find a different angle to write about, to take this blog down a whole new path. That’s flattering to hear, but I never intended to write ad infinitum.  Mangia, Figlie had a definite beginning, middle, and end from the start … and we’ve arrived alla fine.

But before I go, I would like to thank all those who made this blog so much fun for me. First, of course, are the members of my family, who were good sports as I relayed old stories and posted pictures on the internet for all the world to see. My mom, my aunts, my uncles, my brothers, my husband – all played a vital role in the creation of Mangia, Figlie.

Also thanks to my children, who showed great patience when I spent extra hours at the computer trying to perfect each post, and who played along when I was taking pictures before dinner at least once a week. They ate lukewarm food on more than one occasion for the sake of authenticity.

I have my guest bloggers – Dave, Nick, Ralph, Craig, Cynthia, and Elaine – to thank for sharing a different perspective now and then, and helping to fill in when I had nothing to say. And to my blogging friends and those who took the time to comment again and again, I appreciate your enthusiasm and continued support. Your kind words and encouragement kept me going when I felt I had many more recipes to share, but nothing to say about them.

Finally, I end where I started, with my friend Beth from Dirty Laundry. If I had to write a dedication for this almost-year-long effort, I would of course salute my ancestors for the stories and recipes that allowed me to create this cook-blog. But equally, I would credit Beth for the spark that lit this journey. Thank you, dear friend, for coming to Italian Bunko Night at my house a year ago and encouraging me to do this. I am truly a more complete person for putting this on virtual paper. It’s been a dream for a very long time … and now it’s a dream come true!

Early this past fall, I was reading Rachael Ray’s magazine. The issue was full of information about Italian food – chefs’ favorite restaurants, where to find good ingredients, good Italian wine. The special section ended with a piece entitled, “How to Live Like an Italian.” It was a list of DOs and DON’Ts for an Italian lifestyle, including:

“DON’T drink a latte after dinner. In Italy, that’s considered a breakfast drink. Try a shot of espresso instead…

DO stop for gelato in the midafternoon. Because Italians eat dinner late, they snack around 3 p.m….

DON’T hurry away from the table after dessert. Serve limoncello and encourage your guests to linger.”

But the one that truly caught my eye and stuck with me for all these months was this:

“DO remember that the secret to Italian cooking is sapori e saperi,
or flavors and knowledge. Find excellent ingredients
and do very little to them.”

That, to me, sounds like the perfect recipe-for-success for any great meal.

Grazie, all my friends, and mangiare bene. It’s been a pleasure to serve you.

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Missy H said...

very nice Maria, I'm going to miss Mangia Figlie

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I'm sad that you are closing down your blog, Maria! I wanted it to go on forever! I do understand that you were doing it to record you favorite family recipes, however, and that your time with your family is important and you'd like to devote more time to them. Perhaps sometime in the future you will be back? Please stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

Encore. Encore.

Elaine said...

Ahhh, what a wonderful blog that was, Maria! I'm going to miss it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my family story and recipes here! Well done!

stephanie said...

that's my sad face, where is the dislike button? How about a book review blog next?

Paul said...

We'll keep a light on for you here in the blogosphere.

Allie said...

I've loved reading your blog, Maria! Best of luck on your next adventures.

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Well, I knew it was coming, but I'm sorry to see your blog end, Maria. It was nice to look forward to your posts each week, as they were not just entertaining, but well written, informative, and endearing. I feel like I've come to know your family through your posts, and I will miss them.

Maybe you could start a Grammar Blog???

And thanks for your nice comments. I'm only sorry that if any readers click the Dirty Laundry link, they're linking to a post called "Try My Nuts"...

Arrevederchi, Mia Amigo! (I'm sure I spelled that wrong and I mixed Italian and Spanish because I don't know the Italian word for friend, but they're both romance languages,right?)

Mind Movies Reviews said...

Wishing all the best and luck for you.

Joe Ambrosino said...

Say it isn't so, Maria. Even though I don't often leave comments, I will miss your blog. I will continue to read your archives for inspiration and wish I had a similar notion of where my blog is going or when it will be finished. Please,keep in touch!

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